How To Fill Letters In Procreate

How To Fill Letters In Procreate

How To Fill Letters In Procreate. Links to everything mentioned in this video are available here: Choose whichever color makes sense for your piece of art.

How To Fill Letters In ProcreateHow To Fill Letters In Procreate
How to Fill Calligraphy Text With Color, Textures, or from

How to fill letters with background procreate. Choose whatever color you want to fill the object with. The letter is n by default.

Color Will Automatically Fill Inside Of Object.

Hit the wrench in the top left > add > add text. Select a font, a style, all caps, underline, etc. Using your eraser, choose the colorado brush and begin lettering (it erases it away).

Open The Layers Panel And Create A New Layer.

The letter is n by default. Letter your word or phrase. Then tap on an object of your choosing with your finger or apple pencil.

Lock Down Line Work Turn Off The Letterform Outline And Voila!

Watch the video for a second way to achieve this! A bounding box containing the word text will appear on your canvas. Find top links for easy and hassle free access to login for efiling of income tax return.

Make Sure This Layer Is Right Above The Layer That Contains The Elements You Want To Color.

As you can see in the following image, the gradient shows in areas where the shapes were black. Use a monoline brush to fill in the gaps between the letters with the same color as the 3d layer. Place your photo on a new layer.

To Curve Text In Procreate With The Warp Tool, Make Sure That All Of Your Text Layers Are Selected.

Put your pencil on the color panel icon and hold it down. In the following image, the letters are li. How do you draw text in procreate?

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